"For more than five centuries, two elements have played a defining role in preserving the Orthodox Greek community in Istanbul: Religion and Education; Faith and Culture; the things we believe in and the things we Learn about. The Holy Springs (Ayasmata in Greek) are inextricably entwined with this puzzle"


The above palindrome inscription found on almost every Ayiasma invites the pilgrims not only to clean their faces but their inner side, their soul; it is not only the body that needs purification but the soul needs catharsis as well.


In this work photographer Yiorgos Moutevellis presents us with a series of Holy Springs  which still exist in Istanbul. It is a composition of twelve Ayiasmata in form of a wall calendar for 2005.

It is a banquet of colours shot in natural light to depict as much as possible the sanctity of the place and its surroundings. The photos of Mr. Moutevellis tie up smoothly with the historical flashback and informative passages of Nikos Adjemoglou for each of the twelve Springs.


This is a collector's edition as it has been released in limited copies only.

For more  information on how to acquire the calendar please email us.